Misty Delight is a character created and performed by Tina Mancini (www.tinamancini.biz

Tina Mancini is a certified elementary school teacher, actor, singer, teaching artist, writer, and director.

Tina is a proud graduate of McGill University (B.Ed) and New York City’s ‘Circle in the Square Theatre School.’

Tina has taught a variety of subjects (including ESL) at the preschool, elementary and high school level (actually, she even taught adults!)

Tina has performed in Canada, USA, and France. She wrote, co-directed, and performed in the Italian musical opera, “La Dolce Vita En Exil, Io Parto Per L’America.”

From Musical Theatre to Film, to playing Italian grandmothers, and now to the world of ‘Misty Delight’, Tina is happiest performing in a variety of styles and genres and says YES to new opportunities and to life!

Life should be fun!

Learning should be fun! 

We should laugh! We should sing! We should be silly! 

Misty Delight will do just that!!