Remember the Rain

Written by Tina Mancini and Illustrated by Andrea Cheung


When Misty Delight is told that she cannot see her friends and extended family, she is upset and heartbroken.  Her mother’s words help soothe her disappointment, while leading her through a visualization and inviting Misty to remember her experience with the rain and sun.  And just as Misty is happy to remember these moments, she can then remember her friends and family whom she misses so dearly.
A children’s story about a mother whose words help bring hope and light to her child during the quarantine. 
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Illustrations by Andrea Cheung

Freelance Creative Design Specialist
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Andrea (Dre) grew up in Hong Kong, moved to Montreal, and discovered as much fluidity in her career as her travels along the way. Her illustrations and design work reflect her journey as a historian, chef, and now creative designer. After her tenure as Creative Director at international restaurant chain Thai Express, she now devises visual solutions as a freelance Creative Designer. Dre’s paintings are currently spicing up culinary hubs, musicians, and publications alike in North America and Europe.Dre finds inspiration in the stories and characters she meets on the road, and enjoys translating passionate sentiments into beautiful narratives that convey profound resonance and relatability. She hopes that by colouring the world through her vision, she can highlight and celebrate the beautiful things that are worth living for in our chaotic and confusing world. Reality encompasses all possibilities and circumstances; it is always a choice to see wonder, so might as well honour being alive by living well and enjoying all the little things in life.